emily313 (emily313) wrote,


feeling a tiny bit better. i keep saying Robertson by accident or thinking i see him. or getting really excited that he might be on jaime's bed when i walk in the door. but hes not. otto is still really freaked out. he keeps whining and running around all night looking out the window. i think he doesnt know what to do with himself. he wears himself out till he eventually passes out by my legs. i came to the conclusion that Robbie told him what to do. he would tell him what time to eat, what time to nap, what time to eat again, what time to beg for more food, what time to eat, what time to nap, and what time to play fight before more food and bedtime. oh i miss fatterson. he loved food haha. i think otto needs a cat buddy soon though to boss him around. i bet a kitten could boss otto around hah. aww. Robertson i miss kissing you in the morning at the foot of my bed!!!
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