emily313 (emily313) wrote,


god fucking dammit. shit!!!!!!!! im so fucking pissed and sad right now. i had to rush robertson in to the emergency vet last night and everything is so fucked up. the doctor called and said he has lung cancer and i feel so awful i didnt do anything for him sooner. poor little fattie. this is just so unfair and i hate it. i hate that i lost my mom and now im going to lose my childhood cat. hes not even that old..hes 10. he eats and drinks water and shits normally....why is this happening? why now? hes made it across the country in the back of my car twice. hes been there for me. hes always been a big fluffy pile of white hair to bury my face in when im sad. he really loves me too. he thrives with me. little angry fattie. he used to bite everyone and when he came to live wtih me he chilled out and got so sweet and loving. plus otto and eliot are in love with him too. this is going to be so hard. goddammit.

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September 22 2006, 12:57:55 UTC 11 years ago

omg emily, i'm so sorry. so so so so sorry. i just don't know what else to say. poor robertson. give him lots of love for being such a fattie mcfatterson.