emily313 (emily313) wrote,

jokes and jokes and jokes

Okay...so I really want to do stand-up. I'm fucking scared to death though. and where do you even begin to go about this? i guess the main thing to do is just start writing and writing. but who hates writing more than me? maybe an illiterate person? they probably even like to draw squiggly guys more than i like to write stuff. i took that sketch writing class and it was great but the stuff i wrote was so gay. im so easily discouraged by everything. i guess what i need to do is make a solid plan here.
1. start writing atleast three times a week
2. write down EVERYTHING in your jokebook
3. listen to a shitload of standup and pick apart the styles and techniques
4. do that damn improv class (bleh)
5. network more (bwahahah)
6. start doing open mics (eww)
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