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bitch! bitch! bitch! bitch!

omg like SOOO much has happened since i last blogged, y'all.

first of all i had my improv class final show. i fucking kicked ass and took names (for a future mailing list). i was so nervous before but when i got up there something overcame me and i was like an improv Liza Minnelli but with slightly less pills. all kidding aside it felt AMAZING and i can't wait to perform again. who knew i was such a stage whore. bad..naughty little wittle stage slut. daddy's little stage bitch. what?

second thing i got a new kitty! she appeared one night on the roof and i got her checked out finally and shes all healthy. her name is Don Piano after that video online of cat's talking. im not tripping balls right now. shes adorable. orange and white kind of otto's build...a swimmer's build. she looks like otto's girlfriend. AWWWWWWWWWWW. its a regular christmas miracle though the way she appeared on our roof. how the hell did she get up there? whoa, y'all. i better get Robert Stack on the horn.
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third rhymes with turd! i start level 2 of the improv classes in january and i can't wait! yay yay yay. it feels so nice to be passionate about something...you know besides my work with inner city kids. oh didn't i tell you? yeah. i work with inner city kids. im teaching them how to french m'butt. hahahahahhahahhhahah LOL.

i love you,

franklin delano roosevelt
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