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improv class

so i signed up for that improv class tonight. im going to take it with Kelly. its on saturdays so that should be really chill. i think it will be good to have a friend in class. we could even get a show together. a show where we are two big dykes. hahah id like to pitch her a show idea where im very lecherous and try to play it off like 'hey wouldn't it be funny if...' and she would have to pity laugh and change the subject. but i keep coming back to this graphic lesbian scene where im molesting her onstage. im a freak. god i hope this goes well. AHHH sept 30th!

nextly, that is not a word. it is/was sept 11th today. they had two huge spotlights at sept 11th. it was pretty intense looking. i cant believe its been 5 years!!! 5 years??!! what the hell have i been doing in those 5 years? definately a lot of farting...and a ton of horrifying puns. i wish i could watch a best of reel of all that. wouldn't that be great?

so im going to start writing material up here i think too. just to type more and force myself to get practice. i sat down tonight and wrote about 3 minutes of a routine and its actually decent. the set-up is the hardest part for me. how do you find the right timing and approach to have the punchline really pay off? i guess you just need tons of practice.

more fashion week stuff? maybe. i just wrote some bitchy comments on someones fashion blog hahaha anonymously. god im such a homo. i get all freaked out when i cause cyber-shit...but yet continue to do it. it doesnt feel good at all...why do i do it? anyways...i just looked at the imitation of christ collection and boy is it horrible!! horrible! i mean i guess shows dont have to be 100% cohesive and making sense but theirs was all over the place. it was harajuku street fashion asian girl style and then flowy flowery hippie shit and then super tailored off the shoulder shirt dresses. there was one dress with a hem that was mini on one side and then under the models foot on the other side? what is that? that is just an unfinished dress, tara. tara fucking subkoff. you filthy litte ho bag. ho ho ho santa. atleast the imitation denim and easy spirit shoes are good. what happened with this collection though for reals?
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